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Optimal Brain Organisation (OBO)

Optimal Brain Organization (OBO) is a 24-hour course, which follows on from Brain Gym 101. OBO introduces brain dominance and how brain organisation changes under different circumstances. It provides essential information for Edu-K consultants working with children and anyone associated with learning and training.


The Brain Organization profile is invaluable to educators and children - it indicates sensory and brain preferences and their implication for such activities as: Reading, Math, Writing, Memory Access, Motivation, Relating to people, Sports performance, Other life activities.


The Brain Organization Profile provides an empowering new understanding and appreciation of the child’s own uniqueness and the special ways s/he functions in this world. It also demonstrates how learners change for better or worse under stress, to cope with the challenges in life.

The Edu-K processes you will learn in this course:


April 13-14 

May 4 ‘19


October  4-5-6 ‘19 

  • Playfully explore aspects of left or right dominance for hemisphere, eye, ear, hand, and foot

  • Learn to assess adults and children’s brain organisation profiles (and your own)

  • Understand the effects each organisation profile has on reading, writing, hearing, vision, motivation and social skills -- and what to do about it

  • Learn nine new "Energy Exercise Variations" to add to your learning menu

  • Unlock the mysteries of odd pencil-grip positions and what they mean in regard to brain organisation.

  • The "Dexterity Balance" to address motor dexterity, sense of left and right, and ability to discern details while seeing the big picture

  • Offer the opportunity to access all sensory channels in order to make use of all modalities, bringing positive, healthy, and integrated resources to new learning situations.

  • Come away with invaluable insights, tools, and exciting information you'll be using right away

Pre-requisite: Brain Gym 101

OBO is a required course in the licensed program to become a qualified Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant and is accredited with the Brain Gym® International, Brain Gym® Australia and the Australian Kinesiology Association.








Each level includes illustrated manual, certificate and refreshments.

Deposit ($100) or full payment, plus registration, is required 3 weeks prior to workshop

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